We decided to make a list of what we consider to be the top 10 most important things to look for when purchasing a bikini or one piece swimsuit, so you can remain confident you will choose the right swimsuit and will get a long life out of them. These top 10 tips are to be used as a guide only.

1. A well sewn and constructed bikini

Typically, you want to get more than a few wears or seasons out of your bikini or swimsuit, so it is important to choose quality items that will retain their shape, not fade in colour or come apart at the seams once you do start wearing them. If you are buying swimwear instore, an easy way to check the quality of the seams and stitches is to do a quick ‘pull’ test by holding the garment with both hands and slowly and delicately stretching it apart a few inches at one of its main seams. If the garment makes a considerable cracking sound or the cotton actually splits while you do this simple test, it is a sign of a poorly made swimsuit. Ideally, when the swimsuit is pulled lightly for a few seconds, there should be no sound of cracking at the seams, and the garment should immediately return back to its original state. 

2. The use of superior fabric

Swimwear that is made using cheap fabric may look good to being with, but within a few wears it will most definitely lose its stretch, fade in colour, become scratchy on your skin and may easily pill and create a fuzz on the surface of your swimsuits. Many swimwear labels are now using fashionable fabrics which were not initially intended or tested for swimwear use, and so this can create problems with shape retention and resistance to chlorine and salt water, which can show up within a few wears. A quick way to check the fabric composition of swimwear instore, is to look on the label attached to the garment or check the details and contents section of online swimwear garments. Any swimwear that is made with a combined composition of both Nylon and Branded Lycra® (Lycra is a registered trademark), is guaranteed to be of excellent quality as well as those that are tested for chlorine resistance and have a high UPF sun protection factor. Swimwear that uses the accredited Lycra brand (E.g. Bright Xtra Life Lycra or Vita Xtra Life Lycra to name a few), are of extremely top quality due to the testing involved in these fabrics. This makes it one of the most expensive and soft fabric’s to buy globally, due to its particular patented weave, the fibres that are used and its overall durability, elasticity and superiority as a luxury Italian made fabric. Labels which show different compositions for swimwear, are usually the cheaper and poorer quality fabrics and this is more often than not reflected in these swimwear brand’s prices.

3. The use of double fabric lining

Superior swimwear brands will tend to line their bikini’s with the same fabric that is shown on the exterior of their swimsuits. This ensures that the bikini will have best fit on your body, due to the effect that double fabric lining has when worn by retaining its shape, as well as ensuring that the swimwear is not see through after continual use. Swimsuits that use thin lining or no lining at all, are usually of a poorer quality, can be scratchy on the skin, lose their shape faster, and as a result are cheaper for swimwear labels to produce and sell to their customers.

 4. The use of strong, rust free hardware and clips

Any hardware accessories used on swimwear, such as rings, bikini clips and adjusters for straps, should be made of high quality, sturdy materials which will not break easily when under tension. We have found that cheaper bikini’s tend to have plastic coated hardware accessories, which are very light weight, flimsy and tend to break or chip off quite quickly depending on the use and care taken with the swimwear garment. Opting for clips that have a bit of weight to them such as rust free metal clips, will ensure that they will not break down easy, will last a lot longer and won't slide out of place or chip off with use.

 5. A bikini top or swimsuit that has structured darts

Darts are the folds in swimwear garments which come to a point in the fabric. They are usually found in all bikini tops and one piece swimwear in the region of where your boobs sit. Darts do an excellent job of helping the swimsuit mould to your shape better (making you look even hotter in your swimsuit), as well as giving you extra added support and ensuring that the fabric has a much smoother finish on your body.

6. A bikini tops that has adjustable straps

Swimwear material does tend to stretch, depending on the composition, quality and overall shape retention of its fibres, so it helps to choose tops that are designed to give you the freedom to adjust them to a preferred size that fits your body shape and size best. If you are buying swimwear online, it is a good idea to look at tops that are able to be adjusted, to suit different body shapes, as tops with fixed straps can be hit or miss and will almost always stretch and become bigger after continual use.

7. A bikini that will not fall off as soon as you go in the water

Have you ever purchased bikini’s that are so impractical, you can’t wear them out in public? The second you hit the water or jump in the pool, you are clinging on for life as your swimsuit has a mind of its own and will stretch and move in ways you don’t want it to. As a result of this, we recommend that you purchase bikini’s that have some sort of support and structure to them so they will not fall of instantly. Try looking for swimwear that has thick elastic or rubber binding detail as well as tops that have a bra like structure, to ensure maximum support and practicality, whilst still looking cute.

8. Bikini labels that give you the option to buy tops and pants separately

Being able to buy your bikini as two separates, instead of a set, allows you to be able to mix and match styles, colours and sizes to ensure you get the best fitting bikini. In particular, it is important to choose styles, cuts and fabric colours that are going to compliment your skin tone. Dark solid colours such as black, navy and dark grey will always look sexy, sliming and elegant on all skin tones, while the light earthy colours such as white and nude will look great for those who are more tanned and sun kissed.

9. If you feel you need that extra coverage, buy a ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT

The one piece swimsuits are without a doubt taking off in the world of swimwear. They stand for over 60% of Local Luxe Swim's sales, and our one piece styles are tested to suit both small and large busts, and will have you feeling sexy, confident, elegant comfortable and modest, all at the same time.

 10. Choose small local ethical swimwear brands

By choosing to buy from swimwear labels who can guarantee that they are using ethical practices and are transparent around the production of their swimwear from start to finish, not only gives you a clear conscience that you are not funding sweatshops, but you are able to buy superior made swimwear due to the better working conditions and craftsmanship of their seamstresses. Local Luxe Swim prides itself on continuing to move forward in the direction of producing local and ethically made Australian swimwear garments to ensure we have the best quality and craftsmanship which goes into every bikini that leaves our boutique bespoke factory on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

We hope these top 10 tips will help and guide you when it comes to buying your next bikini or swimsuit. If you are still having trouble after reading this post – think quality over quantity to ensure you get many years out of your bikini and not just a few wears!


Lots of love,