We are an ethical Australian made label that is conscious about our supply chain from our production process including our manufacturers and suppliers that we use in creating our swimwear & clothing products

Here are our simple top 5 tips to shopping more ethically in 2020:

  1. Buy better quality pieces and wear them more often, even if they do work out to be a little more expensive upfront
  2. Avoid fast fashion - Don't buy something just because it's cheap. Be conscious in your buying decisions and focus on purchasing pieces from Australian made labels that you know you are going to wear time and time again
  3. Support fair trade by walking away from buying things that aren't ethically made or sourced - Do your research before you buy from a brand to find out if they are ethically conscious and transparent about their production and overall business practices
  4. Support small local businesses that are Australian made and owned - A good place to start is by checking swimwear/clothing label tags to see where the garments are made and manufactured
  5. Touch, feel and visibly look at an items craftsmanship including how the seams of the item has been stitched to hold the garment together. You can determine a long lasting item by having a quick look at how the garment is constructed and whether the seams are solid and straight and do not have any missing or loose threads.