We are Local Luxe Swim. An exclusive high fashion Australian swimwear label made locally on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia for women who appreciate luxury, comfort, style and sophistication. Inspired by overseas travels, dramatic landscapes and remote luxury islands – where the palm trees stand tall and the best beaches are found – Local Luxe Swim endeavours to weave the natural beauty of the world throughout each of its pieces.

We are Local. A whole lot of love and attention to detail goes into all of our exquisite pieces which are handmade on the Gold Coast, Australia. Wegenuinely support the journey that all of our ethically produced swimwear items have gone through to arrive at your doorstep.

We are Luxe. Crafted with only the finest Italian Lycra® materials, Local Luxe Swim designs are beach and resort chic at best. Our designs are perfect for those seeking timeless high fashion swimwear pieces to highlight their natural beauty, style and elegance. We don’t compromise on quality, wearability, design, and durability in each of our swimwear pieces.

We are Swim. Growing up in the water, under the sun, and breathing the fresh salt air, we knew that the perfect bikini and swimsuit styles needed to be made.Our swimwear is made for comfort and the fabric used is a perfect balance between elasticity and lightness; guaranteeing you a perfect fit. 


Lots of love,