Some people often ask me, “what's a young girl with a business and commerce degree doing designing swimwear”? 

Well, the truth is, I’ve always been a creative person at heart, constantly seeking outlets to express my thoughts, ideas and inspiration. Whether with DIY projects, drawing, painting, taking photos and even knitting! Nothing was off limits. I grew up in the water surfing, under the sun and breathing the fresh salt air at my family's beach house on the Gold Coast Australia.

But it wasn’t until towards the end of my 4th year at University, when I was about to graduate with a double bachelor's degree, that my instinct told me I was destined to do something more upon graduating. Something that didn’t follow the traditions of studying at university and then settling down to a boring, numbers filled full time job!

I wanted to feel passionate about my future and my career, and most of all, I wanted to reignite my creative spirit! So, after graduating I decided to just take off for 18 months, with the goal to explore the world and chart new waters and hopefully come to discover what was missing for me in my life and to decide my new path.  




Travelling became my escape and I was so lucky visit some of the most luxurious island destinations and resorts in the world.  I spent my days surfing and living in my swimsuit and bikini's 24/7, and meeting  new people from all different cultures along the way.  I was drawn to the lifestyle, the luxury, the warmth of the people I met and the natural beauty and simple elegance of the spaces and places that I visited.

I soon found that I loved travelling to warm places, where the palm trees stand tall, and  the ocean is at my feet, as this is where I feel the most clarify and peacefulness within myself. It’s where my creativity thrives, I feel free, alive and confident to just be me.  And no matter where I am I the world, I am always at ‘home' when I wake up next to the beach.



This is where the spirit of Local Luxe Swim was born.  The colours, contemporary shapes, luxury fabrics, finishes and simple elegance is a reflection of who I am today, where I live in Australia and where I’ve visited.

My swimwear designs are all handmade in Australia, which is my way of sharing my story and experiences with the world and with you too. Local Luxe Swim is my way of saying “come home with me” to a place where you can be free, alive and confident too!”