It all started when I wanted to create the ideal swimwear wardrobe, where women of all shapes and sizes could find classic, elegant and flattering swimwear pieces made of the highest quality materials.

I grew up wearing swimwear most weekend’s and realised that it was hard to find swimsuits in the market, that combined quality and classic cuts and would last more than a few wears before they looked stretched, baggy and unflattering due to their poor construction. Even today, most swimwear on the market is saturated with low quality and cheaply made pieces that come from China and Bali, where brands use thin and cheap materials and expect you to be super slim, have the perfect body and look like a model before even entertaining trying their swimwear on.

The perfect fit is really important to me as a designer, and I want women’s expectations to be exceeded when they try on my swimwear, by instantly looking and feeling more confident. A lot of attention to detail is given to every garment that is made, and I am involved in every process of the business from start to finish which is very important in creating strong high end swimwear ranges.