Local Luxe Swim aims to make women look and feeling amazing in high quality handcrafted fashionable swimwear and resort wear pieces. All of our collections are made locally on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, by a skilled and talented team of ladies.

‘Local’ means that we genuinely support the journey that all of our handmade and responsibly produced Australian swimwear and resort wear  items have gone through to arrive at your doorstep. Local Luxe Swim does this by sourcing its fine Italian Lycra® through the current leading Australian fabric wholesaler, to using top quality cottons, rust free hardware, sourcing all of its natural organic shells and most importantly, testing out every new style and tweaking its design elements to ensure they are comfortable, look amazing and will last!

A whole lot of love and attention to detail goes into all of our exquisite garments. At Local Luxe Swim we don’t compromise on quality, design, durability, practicality and comfort in producing our pieces.


We pride ourselves on:

1. Our Amazing Local Gold Coast Manufacturers – Local Luxe Swim is proud to be an Australian Made label. By keeping its manufacturing close to home we are able to focus specifically on producing high quality items due to the excellent control and communication that we have throughout all stages and production processes. 

As our swim and lounge wear is handcrafted in Australia, our label is able to create much greater value and have a positive impact on the natural environment in terms of the reduced energy we save through local transportation and shipping of our items to our Gold Coast warehouse.

2. Our Swimwear Fabric and Materials – We use luxury Italian Xtra Life LYCRA® in our swimwear, which is the leading fabric used in the Australian and International swimwear industry. This fabric is thick and soft to touch and will recover well when worn and stretched. Its fibres resist fabric breakdown more than 5 times longer than other chlorine-resistant spandex fabrics used to produce swimwear. Our swimwear fabric has been tested to ensure that it has no significant fiber breakage even after 240 hours of exposure to the sun. We use double fabric for the lining of our swimwear to provide you with optimal support and to ensure that your bikini lives a longer life and does not become see through!

Advantages of luxury Italian Xtra Life LYCRA®:

  • Excellent fit and comfort

  • Shape retention

  • Outstanding quality

  • Extra strength

  • Maximum durability

  • UPF 50+ sun protection

  • 4 ½ times chlorine resistance

  • Premium quality Italian Carvico fabric product

3. Durable and Rust Free Metal Hardwares – All of our hardware accessories (including clips, rings and adjusters) used on our swimwear and resort wear pieces are all made of high quality alloy materials that are rust free, waterproof, chlorine resistant, durable and are built to last.

4. Superior Seams and Stitching – On our swimwear, our seams are flat (and not raised), providing you with a neat and smooth finish to each of our swimwear pieces. This superior finish helps to facilitate shape retention and helps to mould onto the body and is only achieved by bagging and using a twin needle stitching process.

5. Comfort and Wearability – Our swimwear and lounge wear is extremely comfortable. The swimwear fabric we use is a perfect balance between elasticity and lightness; guaranteeing you a perfect fit. The lounge wear fabric we use is soft, light weight, breathable and made with strength and durability, meaning you can wear these pieces time and time again.

6. Amazing Style – All of our pieces go through a detailed and meticulous process from the design phase through to manufacturing samples and testing materials, hardware, stitching and the designs and cut’s themselves. It is only after passing this thorough testing process and when we are 110% happy that we consider it the perfect item to produce and sell to our customers, will we share it with you.